H&M and Brick Lane Bikes

Swedish high-street fashion giant H&M has partnered with East London custom bike specialists Brick Lane Bikes to produce a capsule collection for men.

The 11-piece cycling wear collection, a combination of practical design and urban fashion, includes check shirts, rucksacks and waterproof jackets made from sustainable and recycled materials. The collection will be launched in March 2013 in approximately 180 H&M stores worldwide and on the H&M website. 

As cycling’s global popularity continues, a raft of fashion designers and innovative stores around the world have introduced high-design bicycles and accessories, sold in stylish retail spaces. See the Stylus reports Poetry in Motion: The European City Bike and Bike Shop Boom: Cycling Reimagined

For more on the rise of the city bike, see our coverage of the annual international cycling conference Velo-City Global 2012 and US Big City Cycling.

My Bother and I hosted an end of year ride for some friends and my good buddy thePlan-it made the fun GoPro video. I miss the warm weather riding already! We themed the event A.I.B. (Auto-Immune-Bike) Ride 2012 because I have MS and my brother was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes this past year…so needless to say every good party needs a theme and nothing better than to goof on yourself in the process. I made a logo for fun, some people wore their GW Jersey, and we had a really fun 50 mile country ride and BBQ and Pool party. Good times!